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Crsg's Cowboy Bebop Tv Review

Cowboy Bebop

Rated: 9

Completely unlike those shows which display continuous, often aggravating cliff-hangers, Cowboy Bebop lets nearly every episode end with a satisfying conclusion, leaving the audience with a feeling of either happiness or gloominess. The show somehow manages to touch all bases, with both humour and angst playing large roles. Angst, though also involved a-plenty, is not overdone. The drama of the series is really quite provoking, yet is followed with great care to ensure that any emotional pain or suffering felt by the characters is depicted as a very real thing. The drama also enfolds even the villains of the story, who are genuinely crafted to be, if not liked, then at least real people.

For so many reasons, Cowboy Bebop is truly an enjoyable watch.

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Crsg's X Tv Review


Rated: 8

Pacing is more or less well played out the whole way through - even though it does start off slow, it gains momentum fairly shortly.

Characters are by far the best part of this; designs, fights, interactions - wonderful! In short; I loved the anime, enough to buy all the dvd's for my own. Character development is stunning; the main character over 24 episodes is transformed from a heartless bastard to a real human being; still with faults, but a human being who cares deeply about the fate of his loved one's and the world nonetheless. This is a series not to be missed as each episode reveals more and more details and gives some information of a certain character.

The series is definitely recommended if you're into any CLAMP works or if you're a sucker for fantasy.

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